Watson IoT

As Design Researcher for Watson Internet of Things Vertical Industries team, we developed the Watson IoT Headquarters Workplace Application, IBM Occupancy Insights and IBM Connection Service.



As the sole researcher on the Watson IoT Design team, I worked on a variety of “vertical” initiatives within the IoT product line. These initiatives focused on the utilization and consumption of sensor data for enterprises in verticals such as retailing, manufacturing, and facility management. Through user research, competitive analysis and agile development, we created applications for line of business users and implemented many functional proof of concepts and demos with clients.


UX and Visual Designers, Front-End Developers, Product Managers


UX Researcher, Design-Thinking Facilitator



Watson IoT Headquarters Workplace Application

This product’s goal was to facilitate better relationships with co-workers and building management. Our solution was released with the opening of the IoT Headquarters in 2017.

IBM’s Watson IoT Headquarters in Munich is a center for IoT innovation. It features the world’s first state-of-the-art client ‘collaboratories’ with over 6,000 clients and partners and 1,000 IBMers.


Our solution focused on three target users, IBMers, Visitors, and Facility Managers. Working with IBMers worldwide we discovered four key priorities for visitors—building access, meeting preparation, local connections, and navigation.

Priorities for local Munich employees centered around accommodations, productivity, maintenance, and personalization of their workspaces.



Occupancy Insights

How might we help retailers increase conversion at their physical locations by providing a greater understanding about their customer's in-store behavior.

For this project I worked with a number of large retail clients and their store managers, line-of-business managers, and regional managers to understand their challenges. Together we collaboratively designed a facility management solution that monitors, analyzes and provides insight about their buildings and the people who occupy them.

IoT Connection Service

I can’t publicly share details from this work. Contact me and we can still talk about it.

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