About Andie

My entry into design came from my childhood flying stand-by on United Airlines. As the child of an airline employee, I had the privilege to pick a flight with open seats and explore. At 12 years old, I was unknowingly learning the inner-workings of the airline industry. 

Throughout my schooling I nurtured a passion for painting and drawing but was not sure about to applying to art schools until a visit by the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). The SCAD Rep told me about the field of Service Design. She described it as 'how you design a better airport experience' and I knew this was the perfect major and school for me. It connected my earlier experiences of watching pilots, ground-crews, gate agents, and impatient travelers together.


What is Service Design

Using the airport example, let's explore what service design is. Air travel is a service; it's a series of orchestrated touch-points between the traveler and the airline. Each of these touch-points can be mapped, analyzed, and designed. As the traveler imagines their trip, visits a website to book the tickets, arrives to the airport, and takes off, the service is happening. Every moment can be designed and refined to make the best possible experience for the traveler and the employees. 

I fell in love with the practice of service design because growing up I saw the hard work of the airline employees and the conflicting anger of the passengers when things went wrong. Service design makes it possible to study these interactions and redesign a better experience and service. 



Today, I'm launching a startup inside of IBM, called Gofleetly. The incubator is the first of its kind at IBM and it has been an amazing learning experience launching a business while learning from the top corporate technologists at IBM.  See my Work -->


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