bundle: Project Whitespace

IBM's first incubator focusing on business development and innovation. Whitespace develops ideas that can be pursued and shaped into standalone businesses while allowing IBMers to maintain equity in their ideas.



Last year, IBMers received 9,043 issued patents, marking 25 years of patent leadership in the United States. Many of these valuable patents fall in a “whitespace’ between business units. Whitespace, selects one IBMer and their idea to be incubated and brought to market. 

We are currently bringing our patent to life and releasing our MVP to the public next month. When the year is up, IBM will decide to either incorporate us in to an existing IBM product line or we will have the opportunity to become a spinoff company. 

Our team is exploring innovation in retailing and last-mile delivery.


Selected to be on first POD with Product Manager, Sales Lead, Full-Stack Developer, Creative Director


Service Design, UX Research, Competitive Analysis, Business Dev, UX Design



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