A few selected works from my professional career




Design Lead, 2018 - Current

I was selected to lead User Experience and Design for IBM's inaugural start-up incubator. Alongside IBM's General Managers and our POD of five, we chose the winning idea, a patent around same-day delivery, and launched the business. My role was to define user-needs through direct shopper interviews, identify market opportunities for our business strategy, design the front-end experience and backend processes. Additionally, I've pitched to venture-capitalist in San Fransisco and helped secure over $2.4M in funding from IBM. Today we're focusing on selling the solution alongside IBM's Watson Customer Engagement team.

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Watson IoT Occupancy Insights: Retail

Design Researcher, 2017 - 2018

For this product, I worked with a number of enterprise retail clients and their store managers, line-of-business managers, and regional managers to develop a retail monitoring application that leverage the Watson IoT Platform and in-store sensors. We sought to understand how to increase conversion at physical storefronts by providing a greater understanding about their customer's in-store behavior. Together we collaboratively designed a facility management solution that monitors, analyzes and provides insights about their buildings and the people who occupy them. I worked alongside a team of engineers, visual designers and product managers.

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Project Thor

Design Researcher, IBM-Wide Support Portal Redesign, 2016

Our team was challenged by executive leadership to reimagine the future of support at IBM across thousands of products and services delivered over multiple channels. My role was to design and execute a research strategy--gathering insights from clients and IBM support agents across diverse products. We designed collaboratively with our users and leveraged them to test our solutions. The 4-month project concluded with a presentation to IBM's C-Suite, leading to a partnership with Salesforce and funding for a design team.

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Watson IoT Center Application

Design Researcher, Launched in 2017

IBM tasked my team with building a way to monitor, navigate and optimize utilization of the soon to be opened, Watson IoT Center in Munich, Germany. My role was to research the center's diverse occupants, their habits, and the physical space. I brought site managers from other IBM campuses together to reimagine the future of workplaces. My design team and I used the insights gathered to design an application that measures occupancy, controls smart-building features, and provides navigation for traveling visitors. We collaborated with a backend development team in Munich and delivered the application in a few months.

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